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Why We Chose The #Vanlife

Why We Chose The #Vanlife

It came down to a couple very simple factors.

  1. We love to travel especially road trips.
  2. We hated weren’t very enthusiastic about our corporate jobs.

Our first road trip was from Houston to Destin in a Toyota Corolla. That’s when we fell in love of just going somewhere & experiencing something new. Kelli had never been to Destin, she was astonished by the sugary white sand & clear emerald green water. Crab Island was pretty slick too.

Our second road trip was from San Francisco to San Diego on the PCH. Freaking gorgeous. Why anyone ever moves away from California is beyond me. We spent 9 days zoomin down the California highways in our 2015 red convertible Sting Ray Corvette. To us, nothing could beat that.

Our third road trip was from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park. HOOKED!

Of course all of these trips were cut miserably short because of our responsibilities back at the office aka tiny little cubicle. Also, even if we could have an endless long road trip, we wouldn’t have the funds for accommodations every night.


  1. Learn to earn enough money on our own to suit our lifestyle & quit our jobs.
  2. Build a tiny house on wheels to save money & provide flexibility to go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted.

Our van (Vanna White) is nearly complete. We’ve worked tirelessly for nearly 2 months. We’ll have several posts about the build & everyone who has helped us along the way. Stay tuned!


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