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America is Designed for Travel

America is Designed for Travel

Just look at this Beaut.

The National Highway System is hundreds of thousands of miles of (mostly) free roads. The inspiration for this post was a thread I saw on subreddit vandwellers – “America was designed with the car in mind, why live in a house”. This is so true and you can go ahead and throw in Canada & Mexico if you wish but America is truly unique. There is no other country in the world that is as large, as developed, as diverse, as safe as America.

SO MUCH TO EXPLORE.  I love where I’m from but what other reason am I on this earth for but to see as much as I possibly can? Do as much as I possibly can? I don’t want the highlight of my day to be coming home from a grueling commute at 6p to watch an episode of ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV & pretending what it would be like to live in downtown Chicago or in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee or in the dessert in New Mexico. I absolutely want to see the rest of the world but we might as well see what’s in our own backyard first right? Well let’s go see.

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