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Planning Our First 30 Days in the Van

Planning Our First 30 Days in the Van

Our goal for this entire journey is to seek the most ideal temperatures possible. Low of 50 High of 75 seems pretty ideal to us! Of course that won’t always be the case. Maybe we are actually just avoiding extremely hot or cold temperatures. Our van has decent insulation & a roof vent but staying in Texas during the summer? Yeah..no.

Here is our breakdown of stops on our first 30 days of travel. I’m eager to see if we are able to stick to this itinerary even remotely.

We plan to document the entire trip. The good, the bad and the very bad. Follow us on Instagram & be sure to check out our videos on Youtube!

Texas Drive Time Miles Days
Jacobs well 3.5 hours 211 1
Hamilton pool 40 minutes 27 1
Fredericksburg/Enchanted Rock 1 hour 58 2
Llano 40 minutes 38 1
Abilene 2.5 hours 158 1
Amarillo/Palo duro canyon/lighthouse trail 4 hours 286 1


New Mexico Drive Time Miles Days
Albuquerque/Sandia Peak Tramway 4 hours 286 2
Sante Fe/Tent Rocks 1 hour 65 1


Colorado Drive Time Miles Days
Pagosa Springs 3 hours 153 3
Great Sand Dunes National Park 2 hours 108 3
Colorado Springs 2.75 hours 170 3
Denver 1 hour 70 4
Boulder/Estes Park/ Rocky Mountain NP 2
Breckenridge/Vail/Aspen 3.5 hours 198 3
Grand Junction 2.25 hours 128 1

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