Temporary Retirement

Temporary Retirement

Retiring is just quitting your job because you are running out of time to be alive. There is a sense of urgency to start actually doing things you enjoy if you’re even physically capable anymore.

I suppose we cant completely escape the vice grip that our capitalist economy has on the American way of life but perhaps we can escape at least temporarily or partially.

That’s what we plan to do. I realize this idea would be much more difficult to accomplish with kids or other persons you are responsible for. We have 2 cats and are lucky enough to have our parents take care of them during our temporary retirement.

We had the courage to quit our jobs (or fired) once we shared the same philosophical understanding that everything in our physical world is temporary. When you come to the realization that the entire human race & the earth is a finite temporary form then staying in an unfulfilling job seems rather silly.

The Van Life makes sense to us. Combine transportation & accommodation to experience new places, people and ideas in an affordable way albeit temporarily of course.

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