I’ll be Happier When…

I’ll be Happier When…

I remember when She used to say “I’ll be a lot happier when X”

X equaled several things

X equaled a new car

X equaled a better apartment closer to work

X equaled a new job

X equaled He would shower more often

In the back of my mind I knew that a new car or new job wouldn’t miraculously solve the empty void that she was feeling about life in general. Of course just like any great lesson in life, one must learn the hard way.

She got the new car. A BMW.

She got a better apartment closer to work in midtown.

She got a new job.

He compromised and agreed to wear deoderant more often.

However after the fuzzy feelings went away from a new and exciting material item or object she went right back to “I’ll be a lot happier when X”. Humph, well that’s odd.

Actually not really. She was attempting to fill a void inside herself with stuff outside herself. We started having deeper conversations about her childhood, family dynamics, meaning of life and questions about purpose in life etc. We started meditating & practicing Yoga more often.

Soon enough she gradually started to become aware that she doesn’t have to be held hostage by every thought that popped up in her head. She is not her thoughts, she is the awareness behind her thoughts. She isn’t just a finite human in an infinite Universe, She is the infinite Universe experienced in a temporary human form.

We are very grateful that we have simplified our lives together & allowed ourselves to experience life in a new way.

Less Complicated More Simple

Less Stress More Breath

Less Material More Spiritual

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