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Observations after 2 weeks of Van Life

Observations after 2 weeks of Van Life

General Observations from the first 2 weeks of living in a Van. 
Planet Fitness is a must. 

Constantly fixing/reorganizing things to be more efficient. 

Wal Mart parking lots are so bright.

National & State parks signage blows. 

Gas prices fluctuate like crazy even just across the st. 

Not sleeping quite as long. – not true for Jonathan

People are helpful as hell. 

Really tough keeping all bugs out of the van. 

Peeing in a bucket is tough for a girl. 

Jonathan tends to over document. 

Navigating isnt Kellis strong suit. – getting better

Going off road is a little unsettling. 

Remembering to close the fan top isnt easy.

Much easier for us to eat healthy than at our house. 

Always learning about the mechanics of our van. 

Solar power is amazing. How is it not more utilized?

Haven’t learned to slow down enough. Always GO GO GO!

Nails are never clean

Our fridge is a life saver. 

Better to be too cold than too hot. 

Always have dirty clothes laying around. 

Constantly cleaning up. Everything has a place. 

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