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Van Life is not a Vacation

Van Life is not a Vacation

It’s a lot of work but it is soo worth it.

The easy things are no longer easy. Preparing meals, taking a shower, finding a nice (level) place to sleep every night, having enough cold water etc. It’s all apart of the experience. My Nanny always told me that camping is a lot of work and I didn’t really understand what she meant until now.

We’ve had it so easy for so long that we feel it’s a healthy learning experience to struggle sometimes. We have definitely improved.

For example – Cooking;

Initially we dreaded having to get out our fold-able table, 2 camping chairs, propane stove, all of the cooking supplies & ingredients just to cook 1 meal. Now it’s simply a part of our daily routine & we are much more efficient at it. Our favorite meals thus far have been Rigatoni w a tomato meat sauce & Italian sausage with peppers & onions.

The longest we have gone without a shower has been 5 days. It really wasn’t that bad because we were able to jump into a nice cool body of water nearly everyday. Kelli did start to mention that I started to smell really bad. No amount of deodorant was covering that funk.

Finding a campsite hasn’t been too difficult thus far. There are so many national forests & free places to camp around Colorado, Utah & Idaho. Idaho is literally 90% National Forest. The difficult part is finding a level place to park once we get to these campgrounds. We’ve spent many nights leaning in one direction while laying in bed. It’s a little awkward at first but we are usually knocked out by 10p every night.

We’ve had a blast thus far. The sites have been breathtaking & we’ve met a lot of really friendly helpful people.

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