Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

The people here are just too nice. I’ve never heard so many people say ‘sorry’ in my life. That’s been a pleasant adjustment. 

The biggest adjustment is constantly having to convert everything from the metric system. Chicken salad is $2.99/100g. How many grams are in a pound? How many US Dollars is $2.99 Canadian dollars? Gas is by the liter not gallons. Keeping an eye on your speedometer but looking at the smaller kilometers per hour not MPH. 

Simple stuff like that. We’ve loved it here thus far. Everywhere is incredibly biker friendly. That’s a huge positive over Houston which might be the most dangerous place to bike. 

We have been to Calgary, Banff, Kelowna & now on the way to Vancouver. Probably going to spend way too much $$ in Vancouver but we can always earn that $$ back! 

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