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A Journey Ends But Growth Continues

A Journey Ends But Growth Continues

Last week we pulled our van into the driveway of our parents home completing a unique and memorable chapter of our lives. We had been living in our van and traveling the country for the past six months. As we unpack our van and say goodbye to our traveling lifestyle I wanted to reflect on what this adventure has provided us and our thoughts after completing this journey.

When we first came up with the idea that’s all it was, an idea. “Wouldn’t that be cool” we told each other as we researched online about vanlife. Now that our journey has ended we say “That was so cool!”

Living and traveling in a van is a unique experience and it isn’t for everyone. We were fortunate to have each other on the trip to handle the ups and downs that come with experiencing life in a whole new way. Was it easy? Heck no, but it was so worth it.

Through our travels we have deepened our connection with each other. We experienced amazing things together but we also experienced loss, van breakdowns, and bad attitudes. Everything that happened was part of the journey and a huge opportunity for growth.

While traveling with a partner you are in close quarters and you see the good and bad of each other’s days. You learn how to better take care of each other, and best of all take care of yourself.

Nothing went as we had planned, and that’s the beauty of the exploration. We did a year worth of planned travel in 6 months. Could we have stayed on the road longer, yes but after seeing so much beauty across the country we were ready to be home again. We felt our journey was ready to end.

We have two cats so they were a large influence as to why we came home early. It’s like being without your children for a long period of time. We also have a small business which allowed us to travel and take time off without being employed. Due to our responsibilities and wanting to grow the business we also felt it was time to get home and focus on our business.

We would not change anything about our journey. It was beautiful physically and spiritually. We have both become better versions of ourselves and have a greater appreciation for life. This wasn’t the intent of the journey but a huge positive of our vanlife adventure.

We understand for people interested in this lifestyle there are a lot of different opinions out there. You see people that portray vanlife as having nothing but fun and that can be misleading. You also see people quitting vanlife upset and unhappy with the journey.

We want to give our opinion. 

Vanlife was the best decision we ever made. We got to quit careers that were no longer making us happy and we got to break the cycle of everyday mundane life. We appreciate everything we got to see and do on our adventure. Our vanlife adventure taught us lessons we will use for the rest of our lives.

  • Appreciate the small things
  • Be aware of all the beauty around you
  • Live simply
  • Choose love and happiness
  • You create your environment

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