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Using Squeeze Bottles in Your Kitchen

Using Squeeze Bottles in Your Kitchen

Cooking, it’s one of my favorite past times. For many people cooking is a way to unwind and relax. Something that can either help or hinder the experience is having the right tools in the kitchen.

I am a huge fan of organization and making things more efficient. A product I like to use in the kitchen are condiment squeeze bottles. I decided to experiment with their uses and have grown to really appreciate their functionality and versatility. I enjoyed them so much we decided to sell them on Amazon.

Here are some of their uses I have found helpful.


  • Use them to mix up homemade dressings, it’s especially useful when making salad dressings. You simply pour in half oil and half red wine vinegar. Give the bottle a shake and squeeze onto your next sandwich or salad.
  • Use them to equally distribute olive oil on a pan. The best part is you can lace the top of the skillet and let the oil leak down the sides. This evenly coats the sides of the pan or skillet.
  • Use them to reorganize your refrigerator. You can funnel in all your fridge condiments into squeeze bottles for a more spacious and uniform look. We even include labels so you can label all your sauces and dips appropriately.
  • Use them to disguise everyday eye sores. Do you keep your dish soap on the counter? Ditch the ugly and bulky branded soap container. You can buy soap in bulk and refill the squeeze bottle for a more polished look. BONUS: Buying soap in large bulk containers saves money too!


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