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Packing Hiking Snacks

Packing Hiking Snacks

Hiking can be like a form of meditation. You focus on your breathing, proper footwork, and take in all the views. The reward at the end of a hike can be amazing views that aren’t achievable without the hike. Even more than the views, my favorite part about hiking is the snacks. Depending on the length of your hike having proper foods that will fuel your body is very important.

I put my snacks into muslin reusable bags because buying the plastic ones over and over are bad for my wallet and the environment. Some of my favorite hiking snacks are trail mix, beef jerky, nuts, sunflower seeds, and homemade protein balls. Most of these items I buy(or make) in bulk and I’m able to use the muslin bag as the perfect storage for a portion controlled snack.



I loved the small muslin reusable bags so much because of their versatility. I knew we needed to share them with others so we started selling them on Amazon. We sell two sizes small and large, because everyone’s needs are a little different. I use the small bags for packing my hiking snacks. They are the perfect size for a personal serving of any of those hearty hiking snacks listed above.

Of course there are so many more uses for the muslin bags, but this is just a highlight of how I use them while traveling and on the go.

Look at us snacking on top of Tallac Summit in Lake Tahoe enjoying our muslin bag packed nuts

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