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Is Vanlife Right For You?

Is Vanlife Right For You?

Van Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. From the time its an idea to when you’re actually in your van there are lots of bumps along the way.

Some of our obstacles when we first got the idea seemed huge:

  • We had two cats and we didn’t think traveling with them would be pleasant for them or us
  • We owned a house
  • I had a new car and car lease payment

We had huge support from our parents who volunteered to cat sit during our journey. We then worked very hard and found someone to rent our home and someone to take over my car payments. Those were just our big setbacks to this lifestyle, there we also many more concerns that made taking the leap into vanlife difficult.

We may be a little extreme, but we created and shared a “Pros and Cons” document. We create Google Docs and Sheets for everything and this was no exception. We compared potential good things about vanlife and some potentially really bad things that could happen. We had a lot of similar concerns, but our pros seemed to really outweigh the cons. We wanted to do van life for a deeper reason, we wanted to use it as a way to grow together and as individuals. We knew this adventure could bring a whole new appreciation to the world.

There is a lot to learn while on your adventure. There will be struggles so learn to “roll with the punches” as a fellow vanlifer (or horse trailer lifer) once told us. There are going to be some ups and downs. There are going to be some hot nights, cold nights, and unexpected break downs. You must be patient and learn how to respond correctly in these situations as it can be extremely frustrating.

You must be comfortable enough with yourself to take this journey. It isn’t easy to do something completely against societal norms. People do not take early retirement. We are conditioned to go to college, get a job, get married, and get a house. Once you do that then (maybe) you are able to enjoy life.

Our Opinion

Why can’t you do that when you are young?

Van life takes a special kind of openness to new things. Being open to doing new things, seeing new things, and meeting new people is a great part of the adventure. Looking back on our adventure a great pro to van life is the amazing community!

Click here to hear more about the pros and cons and other things to be aware of when deciding if vanlife is right for you

Our Van Broke Down

Our Van Broke Down


Our van has died on us a few times during this trip literally in the middle of the highway. It’s not a fun feeling. Just cruising along driving totally fine then it everything turns off and we have to quickly find our way to a safe spot. Luckily each time the van starts right back up and we keep cruisin’. We took it to a mechanic. He couldn’t figure out why that would occur.

Yeah well…didn’t happen this time. Our van died in the middle of a busy ass street in downtown Calgary in the middle of rush hour. No shoulder or anything. We had 18 wheelers missing us by inches for 1 hour while we sat there in the middle of the road with our hazard lights on waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Luckily AAA works in Canada. The tow truck took us to the nearest mechanic who works on Sprinter vans. After 2 days they still have no idea what’s causing it to simply die for no reason. It isn’t misfiring, the battery and alternator are good…SIGH..

The definite silver lining in all of this is we happened to be stranded in a city where we have a dear close friend who has done WAY TOO MUCH to help us. We are so so so so so lucky to have someone that generous & courteous to “shack us up” for the night(s).

Anyways…outside of the vulnerable feeling that our van has a mysterious issue that eludes all mechanics, Calgary has been AMAZING.

We are here at the perfect time. Perfect weather, the largest rodeo in North America is happening, The Stampede. We biked 25 miles all around the city yesterday. It’s been very enjoyable.

We’ll see what happens next…